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The Bells Bumz brand is a UK based company ran by Chloe Bell. One of the most popular brands in the UK, it has been my go to for my own son. Bells Bumz is committed to providing affordable washable nappies without compromising on quality, working conditions and environmental impacts.

Bells Bumz are manufactured in an independently assessed for fair working conditions Chinese factory. Chloe has visited the factory and has weekly contact.

Where possible all nappies are transported by train to minimise environmental impacts.

The nappies have been tested by independent laboratory SGS to ensure there are no harmful products in the nappy. Also, the PUL is created using heat and pressure, rather than chemically, keeping your child's skin safe.

For further details on the brand and how the nappies are manufactured, you can read further information on the links below.

About the Brand

About Production

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