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Why should you use washable nappies?

Each child between brith and potty training, will wear on average 5 nappies a day. That works out at around about 150 diapers per month, or 25 kilos of waste. Washable diapers are better for the environment than disposable diapers because you create less waste and emit less CO2. Even if you count washing, washable diapers have less impact on the environment. They are also better for cost. Washable nappies saves a parent around 500 euros per child.  (source)

Frequently asked Questions

Do washable nappies limit my childs mobility development?

A washable nappy does not slow down a babies development. A properly fitting nappy will not effect mobility milestones.

Rolling may take a little longer compared to in a disposable due to the extra strength required.


Do washable nappies leak?

Washable nappies have the extra benefits of back elastic, which when correctly fitted will significantly reduce poop explosions.

When properly fitted, washable nappies are just as reliable as disposable nappies, with washable night nappies, often outperforming disposables.   


Can I use washable nappies part time?

Yes! Washable nappies should work around your lifestyle. Even if you only use one washable nappy a day, that is a saving of 365 disposable nappies! 


Can I use washable nappies at night?

Yes! Washable nappies are more reliable than disposable nappies at night because you can add as much absorption as you need! For night times we do recommend a fitted nappy system such as our Reusabelles Fitted as they are much more absorbent than day time nappies such as Pocket Systems.

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