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The Roller Pocket is the perfect hybrid between an AIO and a Pocket Nappy. Lined with super soft fleece, and with rolled leg elastics and a wide back elastic, the Roller Pocket has been designed with your baby's comfort in mind. 


The nappy itself is super easy to fit, making it the perfect daycare nappy.  The Roller Pocket has high absorbency, with a wide layer of bamboo cotton from leg elastic, to leg elastic. The tongue is also made of 3 layers of bamboo cotton, and topped with fleece. This gives you the option of having it outside or inside the pocket.  The internal double gusset also increases leak protection. 



From around 4.5-15kg

4 size settings using the 3 rows of front snaps.


What else do you need


In the unlikely event your baby needs more absorbtion, there are hidden snaps in both the front and back, making it compatible with most snap in boosters including our Trifold, Z-Soakers, Z-Boosters and Heavy Wetters.

Roller Pocket AiO (One Size)

VAT Included
  • Quick Information

    Absorbency * 344ml
    Layers - Shell - Bamboo Cotton 1
    Layers - Booster - Bamboo cotton 3

    * 15 min wash/spin at 400 rpm technique, subtracting the dry weight from wet weight