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The Simplicity Stretchy Preflat is the ultimate nappy for day and night time use. Lined with Stay Dry Athletic Wicking Jersey to keep your babies and toddlers skin feeling dry. The Simplicity is ideal for holidays, being slim enough for easy handwashing and quick drying. Turn your Simplicity into a night nappy by padfolding our 70cm Stretchy Flat and placing inside the pocket. 



With Nappy Nippa 2.7kg to 4.5kg (See fitting guide for video)

With Snaps or Nippa 4.5kg to 25kg

6 different size settings with 5 front rows of snaps


What else do you need

A cover such as our Z-Wraps or Breeze wrap.

For nights, extra boosting. We recommend using our 70cm Stretchy Flat.



Simplicity Stretchy Preflat

VAT Included
  • Snelle Info

    Layers - Bamboo Cotton - 2