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The Trifold is made from 2 layers bamboo cotton (70% bamboo, 30% cotton). Designed to be folded into 3, to give 6 layers of super thirsty absorbency, with a central stay dry layer topped with white microfleece. 


The Prefold has a popper which can be used to snap it into a variety of shells including the Z wraps, the All in Two Hybrid and the Versatility Pocket Nappy. The trifold is versatile and can also be snapped underneath the Z soaker and Z soaker+ for heavy wetters or as a night time option. There are also poppers on the trifold for you to add a Z booster+ if you wish.


It can also be used as a newborn flat nappy (with a nappy nipper or pins) from birth until approximately 7 months, at which point you can switch to using it as in a padfold. 

Bamboo Cotton Trifold

VAT Included
  • Quick Information

    Absorbency * 157ml
    Layers - Bamboo Cotton 2

    * 15 min wash/spin at 400 rpm technique, subtracting the dry weight from wet weight. Total of all items included with product.