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The Bells AIO is one of the most reliable All in One nappies around.  Lined with a super soft, antibacterial. stay dry coffee lining, a liner is optional. The rich coffee colour is also very appealing to the eye. 


With three layers of hemp within the nappy, there is also a elasticated booster created an internal double gusset. The booster is sown in on one end, and is snapped in on the other, providing a quicker drying time. There are also poppers underneath the booster, allowing for our Z-Booster to be attached in the rare event of extra absorbency is required. The booster is 3 layers hemp and 2  layers of bamboo.



From around 4.5kg - 15kg

4 size settings using the 3 rows of front snaps.


What else do you need

Nothing. In the rare event extra absorbency is required, the Z-Booster can be snapped to the underside of the sown in booster.

Bells Bumz AIO Coffee Fleece

€24.95 Regular Price
€22.46Sale Price
VAT Included

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  • Quick Information

    Absorbency * 278ml
    Layers - Hemp 6
    Layers - Bamboo 2

    * 15 min wash/spin at 400 rpm technique, subtracting the dry weight from wet weight