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Estimated Fit 4.5 - 18kg


This is our go to night time cover. Fitted with ultra soft fleece elastic bindings, my litle one wakes up with virtuall no elastic mark at all. Designed to fit multiple ages, there is no need to buy different sizes. As long as you fit the wrap correctly, the fleece binding will not wick.


The BreeZe is a sidesnap wrap, and is very easy to get a good fit. The loose pantaloon style brilliant for allowing ventilation and air circulation around the nappy. There are 4 x 3 rise settings and adjustable waist and leg snaps and a fully elasticated waist.


Please note the current Dreamers Collection is currently discontinued. Once these prints have gone, they will not be reprinted for a long time.


Reusabelles BreeZe Wrap

VAT Included