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The ideal daycare nappy, the Reusabelles AIO has been designed for easy fitting for those unused to cloth nappies. The hip stability poppers provide extra security, while the leg elastics have been designed to fit both on the thigh or in the knickerline. The elasticated waist helps guide the nappy into the correct position, while providing excellent containment for tummy sleepers.


The booster is made from 2 layers of fast absorbing bamboo cotton, and 4 layers of hemp. In the unlikely event you require more absorbency, the small double opening pocket in the booster can be used with small boosters and works particularly well with the Reusabelles Slim Boom Booster. The shell has exposed PUL so larger boosters can be added between the sown in booster and the PUL.


The booster is sown in on both ends but can be turned inside out to speed up drying times. 



From around 4.5kg - 15kg

4 size settings using the 3 rows of front snaps.


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Reusabelles AIO

€24.95 Regular Price
€22.46Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Quick Information

    Absorbency* 179

    Bamboo Cotton - 2

    Hemp - 4

    * 15 min wash/spin at 400 rpm technique, subtracting the dry weight from wet weight