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There are two ways to put on the pull up, The method is the same for the BTP and Junior Sizes. For the first time, always put on as a normal washable nappy to get the correct size.

For both steps

- start by setting the rise snaps to set the size of both the Reusabelles Fitted and Breeze Wrap

to achieve this, place the back edge of the nappy in the small of the back (pull ups sit higher than most washable nappies), bring the front over and up between baby's legs where it should sit comfortably below the tummy button.  

tuck the extra material towards the top of the nappy between the snaps.

To put the nappy on the normal way;

- Sit the back band of the nappy in the small of the back and above the hips. Pinch the middle of the nappy like a burrito and bring it up between the legs. Try to keep the front flat.

- Bring the side tab gently up towards the armpit, and round. Snap the hip snap into place.

- Snap the waist snap where comfortable. 

- Tuck up all excess fabric

- When standing, pull up the back to ensure proper positioning

To use the nappy as a pull up, 

- Set the nappy to the correct snap settings as per the above method

- Try to pull from the hips and from the back to avoid the rises pulling open.

- Untuck any folding from the inserts

Please note that loose inserts and liners are not advised in the pull ups as they bunch up. There are two snaps under the lining, front and back, where inserts with snaps can be attached.

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