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- start by setting the rise snaps to set the size of the nappy.

to achieve this, place the back edge of the nappy just above the bum crack (washable nappies sit much lower in the back than disposables), bring the front over and up between babies legs where it should sit comfortably below the tummy button. 

tuck the extra material towards the top of the nappy between the snaps.

-To achieve a snug fit, gently pull the tab up towards the armpit, and then round to close the hip snap where it fits comfortably. Repeat on the other side. 

- Close the waist snaps where they are sitting comfortably. There should be roughly a two finger gap in the front when lying down to allow space for sitting up. The tabs should sit flat and not puckered. While not essential, for the best looking fit, tuck the wings under the waistline.

- Roll the legs into the knickerline as much as possible. This creates a good seal and prevents the edges digging into the widest parts of the thigh.

-When lifting legs, there should be no large gaps and you should be able to run a finger round under the edges to ensure they are not too tight.

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